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Why essential fatty acids are important to brain health

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Why essential fatty acids are important to brain health

Most commonly found in fish, essential fatty acids play an important role in brain health and are the building blocks necessary for your body to function properly.


Many experts discuss the positive impact of these fats on the cardiovascular and immune systems, but essential fatty acids impact neurocognitive health as well.


Essential Fatty Acids and Brain Health

Essential Fatty Acids are vital to brain health from conception into old age. The addition of this fat in the diets of pregnant women led to higher IQ and cognitive abilities in infants. It also was found to improve the vision of newborns. But the benefits don’t apply only to pregnancy.


Essential Fatty Acids can slow cognitive decline, improve vision, and are essential to normal brain functioning at any age. A 2018 study even found essential fatty acids could be linked to better mental health through lower levels of depression and anxiety. These fats have also been linked to improved memory, particularly in those with age-related cognitive decline.


Essential fatty acids are one of the most important fats for overall brain health at every age; almost any brain function you can think of could be improved or maintained by increasing the amount of this fat in your diet.


How to incorporate essential fatty acids into your diet

There are three primary ways to get the benefits of Essential Fatty Acids: fish, some plant products, and supplements. Overall, fish include the highest natural concentration of this fat.


While fish include the highest concentration of essential fatty oils, nuts, borage, flax seed, evening primrose, and hemp seed oil also include them. Yet, the human body converts less than 10% of plant products into essential fatty acids.


With a supplement like Omegathera*, the body can convert more of the essential fatty acids into the building blocks needed to support brain health. Even if you do eat fish, Omegathera could be a worthwhile health investment. With this supplement, you are guaranteed the necessary amount of essential fatty acids for your brain to function at peak performance, regardless of if you eat the recommended two servings of fish a week. Omegathera also provides amino acids, another key influencer over brain health. (*Note: Omegathera contains fish oil and is not vegetarian/vegan)


Regardless of age or diet, anyone can reap the cognitive benefits of essential fatty acids with the right supplement.


Feel free to call Thrive at 704-390-7150 to order your Omegathera supplements.

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