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Thriving to Be Optimal – Let 2022 be your year of Self-Care

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Thriving to Be Optimal – Let 2022 be your year of Self-Care

Elevate your Mind and Body. Elevate your Health. Elevate Your Life

Nancy A. Palermo MDBy: Nancy Palermo, MD

Why do we all feel such discontent?

We keep searching for our outlook and situation to improve and blindly look to those around us to make the world better yet are often left feeling deprived-the victim with no control stuck in a hole with no way out.

We blame others for failing us and not living up to our expectations. Our family, our leaders, and our friends cannot get us out of the hole.

Why can they not fix the situation?

What we fail to see is that change is only within our own control.

As we come to the end of 2021 (happily for many of us) we tend to think of the new year and its possibilities. Newness always brings hope. A new year. Spring. A vacation. It is our approach to survive. We need this more than ever right now. Yet if we are always looking for what is to come, to bring us fullness and peace we will miss what is within us right now. We will miss the present and the now. Now is all we have and the power to heal is within each of us. We have the power to bring spring today through our self-love and self-care.

This is not selfish We are better to others when we are best to ourselves.

We must first look within and heal our own bodies and minds before we can go out into the world and help others. We must lift ourselves before we can consider being a support to others. We must care and nourish our own bodies and souls with the things they need before we can do so for those we feed and love.

Yes, it is easier to look past ourselves and to do for others. I know this more than most. There is always someone suffering or in need and it is easier to make them our responsibility as we struggle and suffer inside. While this brings us short-term satisfaction and is necessary to complete our purpose, we can never truly give to others without first satisfying our own deficiencies and ills.

We cannot truly love without deeply loving ourselves.

We must recognize this is not self-indulgence or selfishness – this is our life support and self -preservation. So it is my wish to each or you that 2022 will bring you the clarity, wisdom, and courage to look within and find true love.

The Thrive conception came out of our belief that each of us has the power to heal ourselves if given the right environment to do so.

The “T” in the Thrive logo, in case you have never noticed, represents two hands holding up a lotus flower. The hands represent us, but the lotus flower represents each of us as we just like the lotus flower we have the power to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness, and then radiate into the world. Our “hands” are only there as a guide. The rest is up to you.

“If you put a fraction of the love you give to everyone else into yourself, you would never doubt your purpose again. You deserve
your own love.”

“Loving ( and caring for ) yourself is a do-it-yourself project you will never regret.”
Jennae Cecilia
Thrive Carolinas

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