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5 supplements to help intestinal permeability

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5 supplements to help intestinal permeability

A healthy life starts in the gut — your gut health impacts your digestive health, autoimmune response, mental health, and more!


Surprisingly, many people suffer from poor gut health. Leaky gut, or the weakening of intestinal permeability, causes digestive disorders and inflammatory immune responses. But there are ways to fight back against leaky gut. Here are five supplements that can prevent the weakening of intestinal permeability, leading to a healthier gut and better overall health.


The cause of intestinal permeability


When the gut is healthy, it has a diverse microbiome and a nutrient-rich intestinal environment. Stress, a poor diet, lack of exercise, and the ingestion of harmful toxins can weaken gut health. These disruptions loosen and weaken the epithelial cells. Without these cells, toxins and digestive waste can leak out, causing intestinal permeability.


5 supplements to prevent intestinal permeability


Good eating habits, a whole foods diet, stress reduction, and exercise can help prevent intestinal permeability. The use of glyphosate (LINK TO ARTICLE) in agricultural practices can also impact intestinal permeability. Lifestyle changes cannot deter glyphosate’s effects or other environmental factors, but steps can be taken to mitigate its effects.


Even when factors outside your control impact your health, taking the right supplements can give your gut an extra boost.  Let’s look at five of the most effective supplements:


  1. Glutamine: glutamine improves immune system functioning and gut health. An L-glutamine 500 mg supplement is especially good for those who experience a lot of stress.
  2. Essential fatty acids: Essential fatty acids improve gut health and brain health. Omegathera is a supplement that provides enough essential fatty acids regardless of diet. The human body only uses 10% of omega found in food, so almost anyone should consider this supplement. Individuals who lack fish in their diet should especially consider Omegathera.
  3. GI Repair: GI Repairs’ primary function is to improve intestinal permeability. This gluten-free option is great for anyone with digestive issues.
  4. Collagen: A hydrolyzed collagen supplement improves intestinal permeability, but it also benefits skin, nails, joints, and muscle health. This is great for those who want to improve intestinal health as well as other health issues.
  5. MEGA IGG 2000: MEGA IGG 2000 is a dairy-free option to improve gut health, digestion, and immune functions. Those who have lactose intolerance or don’t want to add more dairy to their diet should consider this supplement.


All five supplements are available through Thrive, where we source the highest quality products. Click any of the supplement links above or visit our store to shop for supplements, produce workouts, and more.


Maintaining healthy intestinal permeability could impact more than your gut health. It could also strengthen your autoimmune responses, mental health, digestive systems, and more. No matter which you choose, all five of these supplements are an investment towards enduring gut health.

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