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How to Achieve More Wellness in 2022

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How to Achieve More Wellness in 2022


By Sara Cain-da Costa, Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach


Your wellness goals and life purpose are unique. You deserve self-care time to focus on and grow your best life.


Don’t tell yourself you’re going to find time in 2022 to reach your wellness goals and vision, you’ve got to make time. The effort you put into making positive changes will pay off in the long run.


Yes, 2022 is already underway, you may think it’s too late to set goals or perhaps you think goals are in your head, you’ve got this. There’s no time like the present to reflect on what kind of year you want to manifest.  Struggling with a lack of direction and WAY too many things on your list or in your head can feel isolating and overwhelming.  When you take time to develop a plan, you’ll feel more energized, more confident, and less stressed = Better Wellness!


Can you reach the wellness milestones you set for yourself on your own? Of Course, you can AND along with this workshop as your Health & Wellness Coach I’ll help you develop the following:


  1. A personalized plan –  As your co-pilot, help you develop a customized plan that takes into account your health and lifestyle and fits the way you live.
  2. Sounding Board –  Offer you recommendations much beyond “lose some weight” or “eat more vegetables”.  Our time together will offer creative “out of the box” thinking on how you can achieve your goals.
  3. Accountability – This piece is often forgotten, one of the reasons why goals fail. Changing long-held negative behaviors and beliefs is challenging.  Making changes often requires a dose of accountability (in a kind, compassionate way of course).

Let’s do this and create your amazing year!  See you on March 12 @ 1:30 pm @

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