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Yoga and Learn: Mindfulness & Body Talk

Join us for our new Yoga + Learn series as we educate and empower your mind and body for 2023! Join Erika Shepard, Thrive's Mind Body Nurse, and yoga instructor Suzanne Bergen for a collaborative Mindful Centered yoga class followed by a conversation of BodyTalk. In this workshop, Erika will teach you how to reconnect and talk to your body to: + Release stuck energy and emotions + Get guidance on how to heal and support your healing process + Form a positive and loving relationship with your body Research has shown that repressing emotions/energy in our bodies increases the risk of any chronic disease by 30% and the chances of cancer being diagnosed by 70%. Connecting to one's body is a vital tool to elevate health and wellness. Join us...


Motivation: Scaling Your Joy!

At Thrive, we always discuss the importance of healthy eating, exercise, and meditation. In today’s Motivation, Erika Shepard, RN, talks about the importance of scaling your JOY. Most of us focus on the scale + weight this time of year and not measuring our joy. Let’s change our mindset going into 2023! If you need help changing your mindset, schedule a Nervous System Reset appointment with Erika! ...

Nervous System Resetting

Why reset your nervous system? Have you been eating right, exercising, meditating, taking supplements, and feeling like you're still not where you want to be with your well-being? You may need a nervous system reset. Your nervous system is composed of billions of cells and is involved in every bodily process. The nervous system stores vast amounts of information, including memories, emotions, and energy. Cognitive neuroscientists have found that 95% of brain activity is subconscious, and roughly 5% is conscious. Much of our operating patterns are based on the subconscious level of the nervous system. Think of your body as a giant computer; the nervous system is the hard drive. The body tends to follow when the nervous system is balanced and running smoothly. But if the nervous system...