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The Hidden Cost of Healthcare and What Your Insurance is Really Getting You

It’s no secret that the American healthcare system has issues.   With over 63% of Americans disapproving of how health insurance currently works. But beyond the general frustration, how can you tell what your insurance covers and if you’re getting what you’re paying for?   The confusing language in healthcare insurance policies and a lack of education on what is and isn’t included means many Americans don’t know what their health insurance covers. While all health insurance plans are different and you should read your plan thoroughly, there are some basic costs most patients must pay:   Copay A copay is a small fee you pay for certain healthcare services while your insurance pays the rest of the cost. This usually covers general doctor visits, emergency room visits, and prescription drugs, though...

What is a Health Coach?

by Shelley Butler, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Thrive offers Health Coaching as one of its many wellness services. Many people wonder what a Health Coaching appointment looks like, and how it could help them on their journey towards true health and wellness.  A Thrive health coach is someone with experience and knowledge that can help get you to a greater achievement level than you could on your own.  Health coaching is about taking recommendations given by a practitioner or other professional, and helping the client to implement them into their day-to-day life. The process allows each client's individual story to unfold. The Health Coach will help them see their uniqueness, and help address the issues at hand - such as weight loss (or weight gain in some cases), digestive issues, sleep...