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Summer Vegetable & Herb Soup w/Turmeric Broth

Recipe Courtesy of Pharmacy in your Kitchen This recipe says “Welcome Summer” like no other! Packed with seasonal summer veggies in a rainbow of colors and seasoned with fresh herbs from the garden. It starts with a wonderful turmeric broth that simmers for 30 minutes before adding a bounty of fresh vegetables. Add in a healthy grain and a bit more protein, finish off with fresh herbs and lime juice and you are going to thank me! Here is the recipe for the turmeric broth and a list of what we used. Use what you have, be creative and enjoy! Turmeric Broth 3 Tbsp olive oil 2 Tbsp minced garlic 1 onion finely diced Salt + Pepper (to taste) 8 cups stock 1 Tbsp peeled and grated fresh turmeric Vegetables ...

Spice Up Your Life…and Your Health

Most good cooks know that using herbs and spices in food preparation helps flavor food without adding extra sodium, calories sugar, and fat. Modern science has given us more reasons to flavor our foods with these seasonings. Many herbs and spices have shown medicinal benefits and are believed to be weapons against illnesses and chronic diseases. Spices and herbal therapies have been used for thousands of years in non-Western cultures as accepted remedies and cures for disease. A common saying in India cautions that “A house without ginger is a sick house”. In the past, these “therapies” were considered unorthodox by Western doctors, yet recent studies suggest there is a basis for their longevity. In cultures where herbs and spices are used in large quantities, the incidence of...