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A Functional Medicine Approach to Allergies

Article Courtesy of Institute of Functional Medicine As a result of an underlying immunological issue, allergic and atopic diseases increase the inflammatory burden and put patients at risk for developing other conditions. With health resilience playing a crucial role in the outcome of disease, treating the underlying causes of atopic diseases may strengthen the immune system response. As seasonal irritants like pollen begin to emerge, patients may be experiencing allergy symptoms that could be confused for more serious illness and might prevent the immune system from mounting a robust response to novel infections. Atopic diseases are the leading reason for clinic visits as well as for emergency room and hospital visits, and they are the most common childhood chronic condition. Commonly known as an “atopic march,” allergy-related...



By: Dr. Scott Greenapple With all the turmoil, anger frustration, and general upheaval in the country and world right now, I thought this would be the perfect time to guide you through a meditation to quiet the mind and open the heart. https://vimeo.com/426720724 Metta or Loving Kindness Meditation is a method of developing compassion.  More information is sent from the heart to the brain than from the brain to the heart. When we hold compassion, joy, love and equanimity in the heart, we can help bring those qualities and awareness to not only ourselves, but to those we come in contact with or just hold dear to us.   These meditations are great ways to cultivate our sense of compassion, thereby sending out good will, kindness and warmth by...

Chronobiology: The Dynamic Field of Rhythm and Clock Genes

Article Courtesy of The Institute of Functional Medicine Chronobiology & Circadian Medicine Chronobiology is the study of biologic rhythms, including circadian rhythms, that follow a daily or ~24-hour cycle. Sleeping at night and being awake during the day is an example of a circadian rhythm related to light. In this instance, the daily light and dark cycle is an important zeitgeber, or natural time cue that influences the circadian pattern.1 Our internal biological clocks produce circadian rhythms that are regulated through clock genes and are involved in the essential functioning of both central and peripheral tissues.1,2 Specifically, to modulate various body processes, core clock genes known as period and cryptochrome genes are believed to act as transcriptional regulators that affect the circadian expression of certain rhythmically expressed genes and...

Adding Meditation To Your Toolbox

Meditation plays a bigger and bigger role in our society just as yoga did at its early stages in 2000, and 20 years later part of our society. Isabel Shankle has been teaching yoga and meditation for more than 20 years Meditation is one more necessary tool in the “ toolbox” to learn to cope with life’s challenges. The question is , how do we deal with our challenges in the best possible way. During this pandemic many people have been connecting and reconnecting all over the world virtually, holding space for one another, feeling the truth, and being part of a community. The body- the breath- is able to release any emotion, any pain by paying attention to the inner body as well as the outer body...

Qi Gong & Self Massage

QI GONG: Enhance Your Immune System, Decrease Your Stress With this Meditation with Movement https://vimeo.com/418914789 Qi - Gong is an eastern practice of balancing the body, breath and the mind with flowing movements and meditation. "Qi" means "Energy", "Gong" means "To Work".  So, literally we are working with the body's energy to balance and harmonize, allowing the body's natural capacity to turn on the healer within. In this short video we are using a form of massage or tapping to align the three Dan Tiens or what are known as "Elixir Fields".  Aligning these three elixir fields or reservoirs of energy is a great way to begin any Qi Gong or Tai Chi practice.  It is also a wonderful ritual to start and end the day on its own.   There...

Telomeres: the new biomarker of health

It has been over 500 years since Ponce De Leon embarked on his quest in search of the Fountain of Youth.  Unfortunately despite our vast expanses in knowledge and understanding of the human body, we have yet to find the holy grail of anti-aging.  Social media and modern-day marketing, complete with a vast array of health tips, biohacking expert advice, dietary gimmicks, and quick-fix solutions, would lead you to believe otherwise.  If only it were that easy!  Staying healthy and aging well is a complicated business but at the foundation, it can be rather simple.  It all comes down to how our cells are aging on the inside that really matters.  Most of us are familiar with tracking our blood pressure, weight, laboratory data, and...

The Allure of Adaptogens

Chronic stress has been recognized as a major healthcare crisis of the 21st Century. Even before the global corona virus pandemic, the vast majority of us have been burning the candle at both ends. Unfortunately, the current situation has added more stress to our already overextended lifestyles. Unemployment rates at an all-time high, schools and businesses closed, vacations cancelled, families taking on new roles and responsibilities, financial concerns escalating, and so on. This great pause has forced us to slow down and reflex on the stressful lifestyles we were just weeks prior juggling. Now is an opportune time to work on new and improved ways get a handle on stress.  Our bodies were not designed to be in a state of chronic stress. Long term chronic...

Springtime Detox to Enhance Your Immune System

[caption id="attachment_5604" align="alignleft" width="183"] Dr. Scott Greenapple[/caption] In theories of acupuncture, humans are looked at as part of the natural world that surrounds them. Seasons change and during this transition from one season to another, it is important to stay balanced with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Each season is linked with an organ system in the body. Spring season is also known as the Wood element in TCM. Spring is the Liver and Gall bladder organ and meridian. Spring is when the liver should thrive. However, during transition, or early spring, the liver can get out of whack or out of harmony and become vulnerable. Acupuncture improves the function of the liver meridian and can restore balance to the organs. According to TCM, the liver is responsible for...